Bob Dylan’s Forever Young illustrated by Paul Rogers

Bob Dylan, Paul Rogers, Forever Young

Published 2008 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 40p

Forever Young is one of Bob Dylan’s most beloved songs. Since it first appeared in 1974 on the album Planet Waves, the song became an anthem, a valuable piece of advice for the new generations to stay forever young. The song was initially written for Dylan’s eldest son as a lullaby but it soon caught the public’s attention because of the beautiful message from a father to his son.

May God bless and keep you always, / May your wishes all come true,/ May you always do for others/ And let others do for you./ May you build a ladder to the stars/ and climb on every rung,/ May you stay forever young,/ Forever young, forever young,/ May you stay forever young.

May you grow up to be righteous,/ May you grow up to be true,/ May you always know the truth/ And see the lights surrounding you./ May you always be courageous,/ Stand upright and be strong,/ May you stay forever young,/ Forever young, forever young,/ May you stay forever young….

In 2008 artist Paul Rogers gave a new interpretation to the song, telling the story of a boy who became an inspiration for the world and making several references to the period when Dylan grew as an artist – the 60’s.

Listening to nearly every Dylan album while creating the illustrations for this book gave me time to think about the people who inspired him and how his music has inspired so many. (Paul Rogers)

Dylan singing
Copyright: Paul Rogers

Playing a guitar given by Jonny Cash in 1963 and a harmonica Dylan began to write history. His songs blended social and political messages with poetry and philosophy. Rogers captured him playing on the streets of New York, writing songs in his room, marching with Joan Baez, Albert Einstein, John Lennon and other artists for peace and in the end giving his guitar to a younger artist, a symbolical gesture in the folk tradition marking an act of friendship and admiration.




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