Timothy Basil Ering’s The Unexpected Love Story of Alfred Fiddleduckling: an ode to music and faith

Timothy Basil Ering, The Unexpected Love Story of Alfred Fiddleduckling

Published 2007 by Walker Books, 48p


The power of music is not questionable. All the fundamental things in humans’s life have been expressed through music. When words or silence are of no help, music creates connections and elevates souls.

Timothy Basil Ering’s The Unexpected Love Story of Alfred Fiddleduckling is a beautiful story that celebrates the power of music and describes the unbelievable ways it can bring hope and reunite lost souls.

In a small boat, Captain Alfred was sailing home, taking his new ducks for the farm. Inside his fiddle case he also had a beautiful duck egg that was very close to hatching.

the egg in the case

“A ducklin’ born in my fiddle case must be named Alfred Fiddleducklin’!” Captain Alfred said with a giggle. “You’re goin’ to be a very special little ducklin’.”Captain Alfred told the egg.

No sooner had he chosen the name for his egg when an unexpected storm came. In her fury the sea destroyed the boat and threw everything in the water.

While back at the farm Captain Alfred’s wife was waiting on the porch, tears of worry dropping on her cheeks, deep in the fog, floating in the fiddle case, the egg hatched.

No one was there to hug little Alfred when he stumbled out of his shell.

And then he found the fiddle. He embraced and kept it close to his heart, not feeling so lonely anymore.


The object made the most beautiful sound Alfred had ever heard.

Music helped Alfred have faith and move, leaving the fog behind. When he finally found land it was music again that kept him company and made the mystery of the tall grasses less frightening. As a beast approached, Alfred’s music became “fast and wild”, the little duckling trembling with fear. Unexpectedly, the beast is no other but the captain’s dog, happy to recognize the music and overjoyed to find a friend.

The end of the story will bring all the family together in a burst of vibrant colours. The artwork is amazing. The story will bring joy while reading it but the illustrations will melt your hearts.

Complement The Unexpected Love Story of Alfred Fiddleduckling with David Litchfield’s The Bear and the Piano, a celebration of music and human connection.


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