Fiona Woodcock’s debut picture book Hiding Heidi is an enchanting story about using skills thoughtfully and being visible for friends

Fiona Woodcock, Hiding Heidi

Published 2016 by Simon & Schuster, 32p


Fiona Woodcock is first of all a visual communicator. Her illustrations are an aesthetic triumph. She plays with colours and patterns, creating an emotional and vibrant atmosphere.

I explore a variety of subject matter through self-initiated and commercial work, deriving inspiration from new places, brilliant people, bold patterns, structures and subtle details in everyday life.

All the projects I work on have a paper based handmade origin.  I like to draw with children’s blow pens, cutting stencils and experimenting with printing techniques. I find this playful approach and embracing collaboration brings about fresh ways to visualise ideas.

Fiona declares on her site

 Hiding Heidi is Fiona’s first picture book, a charming story about a little girl who has a very special talent – she is very good at hiding.

Heidi can’t help it. Wherever she goes and whatever she does – it just happens…. No-one’s as good at hiding as she is. She’s a natural.



Like a chameleon, Heidi changes her outfits, creating a perfect camouflage and abandoning herself in the scene so that nobody can find her; victoriously and amused she watches the other children looking for her.

But when her hiding ruins children’s fantastic time at her birthday party, Heidi understands that she needs to accept their skills and inclinations as well and that she has to learn to use her talent more thoughtfully.  So she will spend the next day playing the games her friends are good at and enjoying her visibility in the group.

Illustrations courtesy of Fiona Woodcock.

Complement Hiding Heidi with Salina Yoon’s Be a Friend, a picture book on individuality, friendship and emotional intelligence.


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