Sarah Andersen dares to ask uncomfortable questions about adulthood in a humorous, ironical collection of comic strips

Sarah Andersen, Adulthood Is a Myth. A “Sarah’s Scribbles” collection

Published 2016 by Andrews McMeel Publishing, 110p


Definitely one of the most difficult life challenges is to grow old harmoniously and to accept ourselves how we really are. And I think we cannot do this without developing a certain capacity to understand ironies of life and without accepting humour as one of the healthiest perspectives when living.

It was one of those days when you have so many things to do and you choose to do nothing when I came across Sarah Andersen’s book and I was delighted by her manner to illustrate universal truths about women and by her subtle irony. In theory everybody knows to define adulthood. It is practice that breaks most of the rules.

Andersen is a very good comic artist. Her character, a woman in her young adulthood (This book is totally not autobiographical. At all, Andersen says), is very expressive and extremely frank. She has no reserves when discussing personal issues, like fashion, career, relationships, her body (depilation, wearing heels). She is an introvert that prefers books to people, a woman that does her chores but dreams of the moment when she changes into her pyjamas.

She is honest about being insecure with her looks, her future, her social life. She is embarrassed every time she receives gifts and feels uncomfortable when she bumps into an old high school mate and realizes that she didn’t follow the social standards and has no husband or children, although she experienced the torture of meeting a gorgeous man and went through the stress of the first dates (holding hands, going to a movie where she wasn’t able to concentrate).

The comics are really hilarious and engaging, bold and extremely true.

What I eat on a typical day:

  1. Bowl of cereal
  2. Simple lunch
  3. Slice of pizza
  4. Tons and tons of snacks I absent mindedly eat and totally forget about

I’m so full, but I didn’t eat much today. I wonder why? A true mistery.








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