It Might Be An Apple by Shinsuke Yoshitake: a book about endless possibilities and the flexibility of perception

Shinsuke Yoshitake, It Might Be An Apple

Published 2013 by Thames&Hudson, 36p


As a student in his first years of school, the Japanese artist Shinsuke Yoshitake was pressured by his teachers’ question What do you want to become in life? Later he would realize that life is not rigid and linear but flexible and fulfilling.

It Might Be An Apple is a philosophical picture book that questions our perception of things, insisting on the multiplicity of viewpoints. Capturing both, the mind and the eye, the story follows a little boy that comes home from school, finds an apple on the table and lets imagination come alive.



Maybe, it is not an apple but a huge cherry, a red fish curled up into a ball, an egg or a tiny planet.

The apple might have feelings and even a family. There should also be a reason the apple is on the table and it definitely must have a history.

everyone might be an apple.jpg

Unquestionably, there is no wrong answer which proves that we should suspend our first impression and the judgmental conclusions. Inquiring how really the world around is, Yoshitake insists on the fact that there are more ways of thinking and children should be encouraged to express their curiosity and their growing up should be nurtured with these kind of creative exercises.


Complement this ingenious story with Davide Cali’s creative list with excuses for not doing your homework.


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