Swatch by Julia Denos is an exploration of the world through colours

Julia Denos, Swatch. The Girl Who Loved Color

Published 2016 by by Balzer + Bray

Together they made a masterpiece.


It was raining and it was quite cold in Sydney when I began to read Julia Denos’ book to my daughter. However, as soon as we started to explore the magic of the book we forgot about the weather and an exuberant and captivating reading experience began.

When we moved from Romania to Australia, one of the first things we realized was the great impact weather had on our mood. Most of the mornings are warm and serene and we keep recalling our summer holidays when we were students and enjoyed every moment of freedom. I think it is the same with colours. It was fantastic to see the effect the bright illustrations of the book had on Ema.

Swatch is a daring, little girl who wants to tame colours.

She could run with the wildest shades. Train them to dance and do magic.

There is so much meaning in colours and children have an amazing talent at discovering beauty in everything. Their visual perception of the world as part of the knowledge acquisition process is sometimes naive but beautifully honest and emotional.

Yellow is the most difficult to be tamed but Swatch is prepared to explore and be defined by colours. And when yellow grows and seems to attack, roaring, it is only to pull her up in a metaphorical adventure.

The book is a beauty, both conceptually and visually. The illustrations are bright, vivid and cheerful and you can feel the author’s passion and love for colours. As the back cover of the book says, the hardest question for Julia Denos is to answer what her favourite colour is.


Complement Swatch with The Day the Crayons Quit, a hilarious story that also praises the importance of all colours in our lives.


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