Friendship is a beautiful dance

Molly Idle, Flora and the Peacocks

Published 2016 by Chronicle Books. 40p


Probably you are already familiar with Flora who danced for you in 2013 with her new friend, a beautiful Flamingo, in a wordless, extremely artistic book that brought Molly Idle the Caldecott Honor .


Last month, to my delight, not to mention my daughter’s excitement, Flora gracefully started dancing again. This time, she found two new friends, a pair of graceful Peacocks.



A friendship in three is difficult and Flora needs to dance around jealousies but the final bounding will be mature and strong. Together they learn a complex dance of unity, affection and understanding.



The choreography is created through a refined engineering of the moves and the readers can participate via inventive, interactive flaps. The chromatic is splendid. There is music of colors – bright green, teal and yellow highlights waltz on a white background.

2016-06-03 11.25.18

When the peacocks begin a fight of jealousy, a broken fan, hurt feelings and sad crying result. Nevertheless the trio will learn to manage anger and the grand finale will restore harmony.


Flora and the Peacocks is definitely one of the beauties of this year’s children’s books. Highly artistic it speaks about the value of music, dancing and true friendship in our lives.



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