A boy, a penguin and Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers, Lost and Found

Published 2005 by Harper Collins, 32p


Oliver Jeffers is definitely one of the best young artists of our time. Thoughtful and subtle his books are widely known and loved by all readers, children or adults. Investigating the process of discovering and understanding how world functions and how life experiences form personalities, Jeffers uses illustrations to make his readers inquisitive and prepared to understand what beyond words is.

Lost and found is a magical story about friendship, Jeffers’ first book to be made into animation by Studio AKA in 2008, an animation that has won tens of international awards, including a BAFTA for Best Animation in 2009.

One cold autumn morning, a little boy finds a penguin at his door.


The boy assumes the bird is lost so he takes it to the Lost & Found office but nobody is missing a penguin. …it was beginning to look like a much bigger problem than the boy first realized, so, doing some proper thinking, the boy decides to return his visitor to South Pole, where penguins come from.

There are a series of adventures that will emphasize the innocence of a child and his honest connection with a friend. Above storm, effort, loneliness, the boy and his silent penguin discover the power of friendship. There was a reason that the bird came to the boy’s door and he will understand that at the end of his adventures.


As the boy doesn’t have a name, I think it can be any child. His thoughts render his innocence and his actions make him special. There is no dialogue between the two, but it just makes their journey and their friendship even stronger.


The book is a visual delight.

If you enjoy reading stories with penguins, don’t forget about Mr Popper’s fantastic birds.


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