On Quentin Blake and his Angelica Sprocket

Quentin Blake, Angelica Sprocket’s Pockets

Published April 1st 2010 by Jonathan Cape, 32 p


Quentin Blake’s name is generally associated with the illustrations for Roald Dahl’s books, although he is not only a famous illustrator but a writer and a cartoonist as well. Once you read a book illustrated by Quentin Blake his style becomes familiar and you can easily recognize it afterwards.

Blake illustrated more than three hundred books, of which he had written ten per cent. His drawings inspire from the real world and his books invite the readers be creative and joyous. He is scratchy and angular in his art but children adore his characters. In 2002, as recognition for his massive contribution to children’s books, Blake was awarded the international Hans Christian Award, the highest recognition available for such illustrators.

Here are some of his most known works:

Mister Magnolia

All Join in


Tell Me a Picture

Quentin Blake’s ABC


Angelica Sprocket’s Pockets is a lovely book full of imagination and the illustrations excellently complement it.

Angelica is an energetic character; she might be an aunt, a grandmother, a teacher or a magician. She lives next door and she wears a long, bright, pink coat with pockets galore. Anything that goes through your imagination can be found in her pockets – mice, umbrellas, swimming suits and towels for sunny days, boats and motorhorns, alligators and even a kitchen sink. And her pockets seem to never end.

There is not much story in this book but the quirky and funny illustrations captivate children’s attention and make their imagination go wild. There are so many details that you will spend definitely more time on drawings than on text. Children can even make their own story about unexpected things in their pockets.

Angelica Sprocket reminded me of Mary Poppins which I still love.


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