A story of a book that tells the story of all books

Kirsten Hall, The Jacket. Pictures by Dasha Tolstikova

Published by Enchanted Lion Books, 2014, 32p

This is a book about a book, a little book that pays tribute to all the books in the world. And it is wonderful.

Book was a book that had just about everything. He was solid and strong. His words were smart and playful. The problem was, Book didn’t feel special.

Book was dreaming of a child to discover and love him, to enjoy his story and make him his favorite book. The story is told from the book’s perspective; it is introspection in the book’s most deep thoughts and fears, something that all books feel. What if I will never be discovered and loved? All books long for readers and for connection.

Then, one day, Book’s worries come to an end and a little girl discovers him.

Book fit perfectly into the girl’s hands. She took him everywhere, and Book thought he must be the girl’s favorite thing in the whole wide world.

Book is happy but the little girl loves someone else as well. It is her dog, Egg Cream, that can do things a book cannot do. Egg Cream ruins Book’s moments with the girl; he doesn’t like the dog. One afternoon the dog gets the book muddy and ruins it. The girl is sad and Book is unhappy and fears again that his special relation with the girl is compromised because he was dirty and was no longer perfect. But the next day the girl wakes up happy and optimistic and has a plan. Sitting at her table she measures and cuts and makes a beautiful cover for the book, a jacket of his own.

The Jacket is a must read book. It is about love and friendship, about fears and challenges, about feelings and senses. Once again, in a deep and ingenious way an illustrated book for children speaks about major topics of our lives.

P.S. At the end of the book you can find beautifully illustrated instructions for making jackets to all your books.



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