Introducing art to children

Isabel Sánchez Vegara, Frida Kahlo. Illustrated by Gee Fan Eng

Printed by Frances Lincoln. Children’s Books. Little People, BIG DREAMS, 32p


I think it is never too early to introduce art in children’s life. Reading them art illustrated books, taking them to museums, libraries or art galleries is not boring nor in vain. I tested all these on my daughter and the results were fantastic. I have to admit that museums in Australia have eased my job because they are really interactive and my daughter was absorbed trying to find clues or drawing to get a trophy but introducing art in small doses creates the basis for an educated future adult.

I have always been fascinated by Frida Kahlo and I think it is because of her passionate spirit and because of the color she brought in her life trying to minimize all her pain. So when I found Isabel Sánchez Vegara’s book I knew I had to buy it and add it to my Frida Kahlo collection. It is the second book in a series called Little People, BIG DREAMS that presents the lives of outstanding people insisting on their achievements and on the strong beliefs in their dreams.

Thanked to Gee Fan Eng’s art the book has incredible illustrations so my daughter could tell the story just decoding the messages transmitted by the pictures. It is a beautiful biography of a little girl who was special from the beginning.



Unfortunately when she was six she contracted polio and was left with a skinny leg and a few years later her desire to study medicine was ruined by a car accident.  Lying in bed, in great pain she started painting. It was first drawings of her injured foot then self-portraits. She created more than 140 paintings.


She was discovered and encouraged by the famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera who also became her husband.


Frida’s paintings speak about feelings. Beyond a definition of Mexican culture, her paintings are an honest definition of her soul and her dreams.



The book has extra facts about Frida’s life at the back and a short bibliography.

You can find the book here:


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