Exploration and big adventures

Anna Walker, Peggy

Published by Scholastic Australia, 2012, 32p

The Children’s Book Council of Australia, short-listed book


This is a quiet but lovely picture book. The author uses few words but the excellent illustrations strengthen the epic and the story has a deep meaning.

Peggy is a nice, black hen living in a small house in a quiet street. She has her daily routine and she is happy with her life. One day a big gust of wind blows her from home far away to the big city. Peggy must now explore Melbourne and find her way back home.

Peggy saw things she had never seen before.

says the author while Peggy sees herself on several TV screens in a window. She enjoys the city, tries to initiate a dialogue with the people living here but misses her home so she cleverly looks for clues to return to the yard.

Peggy is brave and adventurous. She doesn’t panic and exploring the city she finds delight in journeys. She loves her home but realizes that following adventures from time to time can be very refreshing.


You can find the book here: http://www.bookdepository.com/?a_aid=wordstoworlds


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