No bullying in the forest

Briony May Smith, Imelda & the Goblin King. Illustrations by Briony May Smith
Flying Eye Books, London-New York, 2015, 32p


A good illustrated book is the door that lets fantasy come in the house. The moment you open the book, magic begins and the values your child will discover will come out from a beautiful story or an exciting game. A good illustrated book stimulates all senses.

When you open Imelda & the Goblin King fascinating colors and vivid characters emerge. You can feel the joy and the innocence of childhood.


Imelda is a girl who lives next to an enchanted forest where a fairy queen and her fairies live. Every day the girl would venture into the forest to play with the fairies, until one day a nasty goblin king and his horde appear and frightens them. He is angry and cross, speaks loud and won’t share the forest. The fairies invite the goblin to the fairy solstice hoping that he will be kind and friendly but, to their astonishment, he is sour and greedy, has no manners and kidnaps the fairy queen. The goblin entitles him the only ruler of the forest.


Imelda is the only one who can save the forest and the fairies. Ingeniously, she bakes a pie with magic red berries and turns the mean goblin into a worm bringing the forest to its original happiness.


The story is simple, a classic theme, it is the illustrations that help the narrative and stimulate imagination. The fearful, greedy bully which is initially represented with big sharp teeth and in dark colors will then become a toothless worm punished for his greediness. There are so many details on each page that you can spend hours discussing them. The fairies have all their individuality; they come in different clothes and sizes, they have different genders and different hairstyles. They are humanized and when cooking or playing they look like a small children community in the countryside.


You can find the book here:


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