Bink and Gollie

Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee, Bink and Gollie. Best Friends Forever. Illustrated by Tony Fucile

Candlewick Press, 96 p


I enjoyed discovering Bink and Gollie and also reading an illustrated book about friendship between two kids. This is the third book in the series and consists of three stories, all of them hilarious and quite well written.

Bink and Gollie are the best friends in the world but things seem to change when Gollie suspects she has royal blood flowing in her veins. She changes her attitude and begins to act like a queen. Bink totally disagrees with the new behavior and avoids meeting Gollie who finally realizes how difficult it is to rule the kingdom all by herself. Feeling lonely, she returns to her little friend.

The second story is even funnier with Bink trying to stretch taller by using a Stretch-o-Matic. The last episode in the book follows the two friends trying to become famous by collecting the most gold star stickers in the entire world.

There are no parents in the book and all the illustrations focus on the two girls but it is refreshing to see how self-confident and full of initiative they are. Every time they have an idea they put it into practice with no help and they have a sort of maturity understanding their mistakes and seeing the profundity of their friendship. Although the two girls are so different – Bink is really short, carefree and only dreams of pancakes, while Gollie is tall, mature, more responsible and the dreamer kind – they make a really good team together and make you empathize with them.


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