Geography lesson with Cat in the Hat

Tish Rabe, Why Oh Why Are Desserts Dry? Illustrated by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu

Published in 2011 by Random House Children’s Books, 38p


Not all children or adults love geography but when you have the Cat in the Hat to be your teacher the journey to discover the deserts turns into a unique adventure.

Through the use of rhyme, in an extremely creative manner the Cat in the Hat presents the big deserts of the world describing climate, inhabitants and flora.  By the end of the book all readers will know how animals and plants adapted to tough conditions of living in The Sonoran Desert, Namib Desert, Sahara, Mojave Desert, Gobi Desert and Antarctica.

The book is also very useful for learning new vocabulary. I told my daughter about mirages and she fantasied about palaces and princesses, I explained to her what an oasis was and I gave her a simplified definition of surviving.

The book is not very scientific but it contains the basic information about deserts and it is very useful to be used as children’s first contact with this notion.


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